Fr. James Mahrer

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Fr. James Mahrer, O.S.B.
Golden Jubilee Celebration
June 15, 1980

The Golden Jubilee Mass photo album of Fr. James has been scanned into digital images of each page including the additional items of a gift card and a letter from the Westcliffe town mayor. If you have additional photos of this event that you would like included please contact the parish office. We also need help in identifying the people present so that captions can be created to accurately capture this part of our parish history.
    Contact Ed Stewart <> with page number, print location on the page, and description of the person(s), and their name(s). Example: page 6, top left photo, first person on the right in white outfit is Myrtle Cody.

The original photo album is not in good condition as nearly 30 years have taken a toll on the quality of the prints. An attempt to restore the color has been done using Photoshop software. To view the photo album, click the following link to go to the first page, from there you will see text links for moving to the Next or Previous page, or to return to this Album Homepage:

Golden Jubilee Photo Album of Fr. James 


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