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Altar Designs Used
in the Original Church
from 1880 — 2007


     During the lifetime of the original church building, 1880 - 2007, a number of different designs were used for the altar. Following are photos of the old church altars in chronological order until it was demolished in January, 2007. Also look carefully at the walls, lights, door placement, and pews for changes through this period.

1890 altar
Note the doorway to the right of the central altar which was not there in later years, the unused stovepipe
hanging down from the top center, no Stations of the Crosss, and what appears to be non-electrical lights

Stations 1895 Testament

1909 altar

1935 altar
Note that the doorway to the right of the altar is missing and a new one is in the left corner between the two statues. This photo was labeled as this altar being in use from 1935 to 1960. Also note that "Anti-Pendium" or painting in the front face of the altar. In 1940, Thomas Hugg painted 4 different subjects on a rectangle canvas, in oil, to represent the different Liturgical Seasons:
antepedium 1
antepedium 2
antepedium 3
antepedium 4

altar 1961 at wedding

1964 Altar

1961 altar from slides
Pyramid-leg altar (first front altar) made by Fr. Gervais.
All new furnishings are oak and the Sanctuary wall is paneled with mahogany.

altar 1965

altar 2000 with banner

altar 2000

2000 Altar wide view

2007 parish hall-1
During the construction phase of the new church in 2007, the altar, pews, and all the other items necessary for the Mass
were moved temporarily into the Parish Hall. Altar #3 with column-ized legs made by Kevin Midler in 2003 and
is now in use in the new church with a cultured marble top added to it.

2007 parish hall-2

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