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Photo History of the Assumption Parish
Original Church Building
1880 — 2007


     The original or first Assumption church building was constructed about 1880 in the town of Silver Cliff and a few years later was moved the first time to a location south of Westcliffe, about a quarter-mile away. There is some question about this new location as county records show a 40-acre property owned by the parish being about a quarter-mile south of Westcliffe (south of the current Ace Hardware) while some remember it being closer to town at the intersection of CO-69 and Hermit Lane on the corner where the Westcliffe Inn motel now stands. It was moved a second time into the town of Westcliffe about 1932 to the NE corner of Rosita Avenue and 5th Street. Following are photos of the old church in chronological order until it was demolished in January, 2007.

1884 in Silver Cliff

1900 building

1909 First Communion 1
Those in the procession starting from the left: Fr. Berkemeyer, Sylvia DeGree, Lizzie Blei, Anna Blei, Anna Blei, Edith DeGree, Margaret Kiesler, Rosa Kiesler, Julia Reilly, Leo Garnier, Tony Llei, James Reilly, Leo Reilly, Joe Kiesler, Victor Giroux,
and Joe Blei carring the cross

1909 First Communion 2
From the left: Sylvia DeGree, Lizzie Blei, Anna Blei, Anna Blei, Edith DeGree, Margaret Kiesler, and Rosa Kiesler
Note: horse and buggy in background

1910 building

1932 building

1932 building

1930 building

1942 Confirmation Class
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1949 Confirmation Class

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1960 building

1960 building-2

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1984 stucco applied

1987 rectory

2000 masstimes sign

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During the construction phase of the new church in 2007, the altar, pews, and all the other items
necessary for the Mass were moved temporarily into the Parish Hall.
2007 parish hall-1

2007 parish hall-2

During the 1920s, there was a small mission church called Sacred Heart of Mary located east of Silver Cliff about 5-7 miles.
There is a marker about quarter mile east of where Rosita Road or CR-328 connects with CO-96.
Sacred Heart-1
Sacred Heart-2

Sacred Heart of Mary Monument, 2010

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