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Parish Ministries Descriptions

These are the parishioners who make the Assumption Parish thrive with inspiring liturgies and meaningful programs of help and concern. Would you like to get involved by participating in an OLA ministry? Call the Parish Office at 783-3507 or the contact persons listed below for more information. Choose a ministry where you can make a difference in our parish; and our parish can make a difference in you. Select from the following ministries:

Altar & Rosary Society — Women and men of the parish meet on the fourth Thursday of each month. This is a spiritual group that prays the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, performs sanctuary services, is responsible for various social justice projects, and assists with numerous parish activities. Contact: Anne Luman, 783-0184.
Altar Servers — The young people of our parish serve in this valuable ministry to assist in the celebration of the Mass. Contact: the Parish Office, 783-3507.
Catholic Charities of Custer County — This group helps the poor and needy with firewood and money for heating bills. Contact: Jackie Kirsch, 783-2755.
Choir/Music Ministry — Singers and musicians lend their talents during the celebration of the Mass. Contact: Christina Wilson, Choir Director, 719-783-0559.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion (EMHC) — Eucharistic ministers assist in distributing the Holy Eucharist at Mass and by taking it to those who are unable to attend Mass. Contact: Terry and Barbara Napolitan, 783-0190.
Hospitality — This group does the set-up and clean-up of the refreshments provided by volunteers for fellowship after Sunday Mass. Coordinator: Anne Luman, 783-0184.
Lectors — Readers proclaim the First and Second Readings during the celebration of the Mass. Contact: the Parish Office, 783-3507.
Prayer Chain — Names are placed on the Prayer Chain for those in immediate need of special parish prayers. Contact: Flo Bostick, 783-0932 or Lucy Cronkrite, 783-9078.
Religious Education — Classes are provided for students from grades 1 – 12, September through May. Contact: Joan Kohler, 783-0922.
Right of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) — Instruction is provided to those interested in learning about and joining the Catholic Church. Also, for those parishioners wanting to know more about their faith. The program runs from September to May. Contact: Deacon Mike, 783-0123.
Ushers — In this ministry, help is providing in seating people at Mass, selecting people to bring up the gifts at the Offertory, taking up the collections, presenting the basket of written prayer petitions, and distributing literature at the end of Mass. Contact: the Parish Office, 783-3507.

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Thank You to the OLA Volunteers — 2016

Thank you to our many, many volunteers. You are Our Lady of the Assumption’s treasure. We appreciate your service to Our Lady of the Assumption Church.
    A special thank you to the crew of sacristans — Phyllis Dearborn, Rosalinda Renskoski, Beth Cartwright, Kathy Luman, Suzanne Lacy and Laura Piquette who work tirelessly to make sure that Fr. John has everything he needs to celebrate Mass on Sundays and Tuesdays. They are also the ones who stay late after everyone has left and make sure that the church is secure.
    Also, thank you to Jean Brook and Mary Smolczyk who lend a hand with washing the altar linens weekly and cleaning and pressing the albs. Your service is very much appreciated.
    Thank you to our altar servers — Michael & Jess Franta, Grace and Brooke Flynn, Karen Kahn, Andrew Dernovsek, and Mary Lou Giacomelli who are always available when scheduled to serve at Mass.
    Thank you to our lectors — Gene Bidon, Joe D’Angelo, Carol Kennedy, Doug Bayer, Pat O’Connor, Patti Schultz, Jacquie Stewart, Roger Squire, Dianne Whalen, Steve Yackley, Kenneth Goertz, Art Ondrejka, Connie Ondrejka, Mary-Lou Giacomelli, Sandy Dunlap, Veronica Garcia, Kathy Gardina, Dorothy Guilmette, Lisa Guarnere, & Lisa Guarnere who give their time and talent to proclaim the readings at Mass on Sundays.
    Thank you to our head usher, Skip Northcross, who is available every Sunday of the year to coordinate the work of all the ushers and help everything run smoothly. Thank you to all the ushers — Gene Bidon, Steve Schultz, Gil Costello, Jerry Tracewell, Wayne Guilmette, Tom Brook, and Carol Franta who welcome everyone to Mass and perform many other duties during Mass.
    Thank you to the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion — Kenneth Goertz, Gene Bidon, Phyllis Dearborn, Joe Franta, Patti Schultz, Roger Squire, Dianne Whalen, Connie Ondrejka, Lisa Guarnere, Joe D’Angelo, Don and Kay Schaeffer, Steve Yackley and Mary Lou Giacomelli who make themselves available to help Fr. John, Deacon Chuck and Deacon Mike serve communion every Sunday.
    Thank you to those who serve the homebound by bringing communion to their homes every week. They are Barbara and Terry Napolitan, Lisa Guarnere, Patti Schultz, Connie & Art Ondrejka, Deacon Mike and Deacon Chuck.
    Thank you also to Terry and Barbara, Steve Schultz and Skip Northcross who pick up our Catholic residents of VALI Assisted Living and bring them to church every Sunday.
    Thank you to our choir — Christina Wilson, Braden Wilson, Joe D’Angelo, Brenda Wilson, Jacquie Stewart, Doug Bayer, Rosalinda Renskoski, Joanie Houston, Pat O’Connor, Beth Goddard, Jared Fuller, Andrew Dernovsek and Suzanne Lacy who enhance our liturgy with their music every Sunday.
    Thank you to our Environment Committee headed by Dianne Whalen. These people are responsible for the beautiful decorating in church this Christmas season — Debbie Senderhauf; AnnaMaria O’Connor; Gary and Marilyn Eastwood; Dianne makes sure that there are fresh flowers for the sanctuary throughout the year and in the summer. She works hard at maintaining the beautiful landscaping at the front of the church. Thank you Beth Cartwright for climbing the ladder to change the banners.
    Thank you also to Rick and Yvonne Squire who provide the beautiful Christmas trees every year at no cost to the church. And to Lorraine Barbieri for her spring bulb sale to support the Capital Improvements Fund.

   Thank you to Anne Luman who coordinates the hospitality in the narthex after Mass. Anne makes sure that there is someone signed up to provide baked goods for our reception after Mass. Thank you also to all of those who volunteer throughout the year to set up and clean up and provide cookies and coffee.
    Thank you to this year’s teachers of Faith Formation — Deacon Chuck, Mike and Mary Kienbusch, Jill Tomassoni and Sarah Flynn. They’re shaping the future Catholic adults in our parish.
    Our counters — Bill Uhl, Mary-Lou Giacomelli, Rosalinda Renskoski, Paul Creadon and Debby Yackley make themselves available every Monday to count the offertory and make sure that the deposit is made. Thank you!
    Nancy Tracewell and her daughter Veronica Burgdorf are the brains behind all of the accounting and bookkeeping. They are available by phone every day and they also makes sure that all of our bills are paid on time and that financial reports are readily available. Their service to our church is invaluable. Thank you, Nancy and Veronica.
    Ed Stewart is our webmaster and parish photographer. He records current events in the parish and keeps our website impressive. We do have a wonderful website and it is all due to Ed. He keeps our on-line bulletin current every week including the liturgical schedule. He also restores and records a lot of the history of our parish online. Thank you, Ed.
    Catholic Charities of Custer County provides firewood and helps with heating bills. Thank you to Jackie and Gary Kirsch, Sandy Dunlap, Bill Uhl, Jim Luman, Jerry Tracewell, Deacon Mike, Steve & Debby Yackley, Mike & Mary Kiendbuch, Kenneth Goertz, Fred Hernandez, John Piquette, Roger Squire, and Dorothy & Wayne Guilmette, for your service to the poor and needy in our community.
    Thank you parishioners who have donated food and funds for the needy in our community.
    Thank you to the ladies of the Altar and Rosary Society who provide scholarships for our high school seniors, feed the bereaved after funerals here in our parish, provide gifts for the people at VALI Assisted Living for Christmas, and provide Christmas presents for needy children in our community. Thank you to Kathy Luman who chairs and organizes the Altar and Rosary Society.
    Thank you to our Parish Council — Steve Schultz, Steve Yackley, Nancy Tracewell, Dianne Whalen, and Kathy Luman, who provide support for Fr. John in all decisions made for our parish.
    Thank you to the Finance Council — Mary Lou Giacomelli, Nancy Tracewell, Ed Stewart and Richard Hrpcha who help Fr. John to make financial decisions for our parish.
    Thank you to the Worship Committee — Christina Wilson, the Sacrastins, Dianne Whalen, and Sandy Dunlap who meet with Fr. John to discuss upcoming liturgies and assist him in making sure that everything in the Mass is as it should be.
    Thanks to Suzanne Lacy, Kathy Luman, Karen Kahn and Rosalinda Renskoski for changing out our prayers and Missalettes each liturgical season. A BIG job that is done efficiently.
    There are many of you who do not belong to a particular group but continually jump in and help wherever you are needed most. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers! You are the best gift our parish possesses.
    Thanks most of all to our pastor, Fr. John, and Deacon Chuck Moss and Deacon Mike Patterson for all they do for our parish, especially your faithfulness, holiness and leadership. We appreciate you, Fr. John, Deacon Chuck and Deacon Mike!

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