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Instructions for Ordering Prints

Photos of the new church construction and the Rite of Dedication Mass are uploaded to a photo-processing site called From there you can order individual prints in the quantity that you desire with delivery direct to you.

In addition to the individual prints, a photo album containing most of these images will soon be available. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information in the album but this cannot be guaranteed.

Ordering Instructions (short version):

  1. Go to with your browser software, i.e., Explorer, Netscape, etc. and click on "member sign in" button in the upper right corner.

  2. Enter User ID: assumption  
            Password: dedication

  3. Then click on the folder Construction or Dedication (you will be able to select from both on the same order).

  4. Either select individual prints by clicking on the box by each one or use the Select All button in the upper right. If you want to see larger views to make your decision, select the Slide Show icon in the left column near the bottom. Please do NOT use any of the other choices here as you might delete or alter something. Once your choices are made, click the Order Prints icon which will take you to the Confirm Order page.

  5. On the Confirm Order page the default is one 4" x 6" print; if you wish different quantities and/or sizes*, make those choices here and then click the Update Totals button. Afterwards scroll through the page again to verify the accuracy of your order. If you wish to add prints from the other folder (Step 3) then click the Continue Shopping button. Only when your order is complete, click the Continue button.

  6. You will be taken to the Billing Information page where you will enter your name (as it appears on your credit card) and address. Note: the previous person's information may be here so make sure that everything is replaced with yours. You will be taken through several more pages to enter your credit card number, verify the order, etc.

    *Please note that these images have been scaled for 4" X 6" prints and that selecting other sizes will probably result in a warning that some cropping will be necessary, the default is an equal amount off the effected edges. Ordering larger sizes may also result in a low quality warning that can ignored for 5" X 7" but may be noticeable for 8" x 10" and larger — that is your decision to accept or not.


Ordering Instructions (illustrated):
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6


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