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2016–17 Pastoral Councils

Pastoral: Steve Schultz, Terry Napolitan, Gary Kirsch, and Nancy Tracewell
Finance: Nancy Tracewell/Veronica Burgdorf

    Special Note, January, 2013: We have revised our Parish Council By-Laws, both Pastoral and Finance using current Diocese of Pueblo guidelines. All future meetings will be closed meetings, due to Diocesan privacy concerns. However, if someone wishes to address the Pastoral Council please contact Father John or the Parish Office. The presentation will be scheduled at the start of the meeting. Also, due to privacy concerns, minutes will no longer be posted on our website. Prior minutes have also been removed.
    A copy of the By-Laws and minutes will be kept in the Parish Office. As always, these By-Laws can be amended in the future, by a majority vote of Council members. Please contact any Council member if you have any questions. Both councils have the parish's best interest in mind in all decisions. In the future we will be looking for new committed members like we currently have.

Following is the reprint of Article I  Purpose of our Parish Council By-Laws
Article I – Purpose
The purpose of the Our Lady of the Assumption’s Parish Council (Pastoral/Finance Council) is to advise and assist the Pastor as he implements the mission of the Parish. “The mission of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, is to be instrumental in nourishing and fulfilling the spiritual needs of the Parish family through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church.  Thereby, the members of Our Lady of the Assumption Church are empowered to preach the gospel by word and action within the broader community”.  

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