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Sunday, December 24—Nativity of the Lord, Christmas Vigil Mass:
Fr. Vicente giving Christmas homily, 2011
Fr. Vicente delivering a homily on faith vs. religion with Deacon Mike assisting at the Mass.
Eucharistic Prayer Wine
Fr. Vicente proclaiming the Eucharistic Prayer with Deacon Mike and Acolytes Grace Flynn and Brian O'Connor.

Sunday, December 11—Parish Directory Photos of Various Groups:
Liturgical team 2011
Liturgical Team (sacristans, lectors, EMHCs, acolytes, offering counters, and ushers) — to see all the groups photographed for the 2011 parish directory, click here.

Sunday, November 20—A&R Bake Sale:
Altar & Rosary Society
Brisk Business for Altar and Rosary Sales as parishioners lined up to purchase not only goodies but also Christmas wreaths and centerpieces. On the right is Marni Tschumper, minding the cash box, and Jean Brook, closing a sale. Proceeds are used for A&R projects benefiting the parish.

Sunday, November 13–Tuesday, November 15—Mission:
Fr. Richard Gielow mission
Fr. Richard Gielow from the Vincentian Parish Mission Center celebrated three Masses during his mission here and two at St. Benedict’s that included inspirational messages in his homilies on the theme “The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing”.
Fr. Gielow, Deacon Mike Patterson, Fr. Vicente
Fr. Richard Gielow, Deacon Mike Patterson, and pastor Fr. Vicente at the third night of the mission.

Sunday, November 13—Veterans Day Blessing:
Veterans Day Blessing - Fr. Gielow
Veterans Day Blessing - Wayne Guilmette
In observance of Veterans Day, Father Richard Gielow blessed the wreath to be placed in a ceremony at the flag pole. Veteran Wayne Guilmette placed the wreath in memory of and to honor all men and women who served in the U. S. military.

Saturday, October 15—Public Square Rosary Crusade:
2011 Rosary Crusade
Over two dozen parishioners and guests met at the Jess Price Memorial Park in downtown Westcliffe to pray the rosary as a part of the 2011 Public Square Rosary Crusade. The event was organized by Sandy Dunlap (left end of banner) and Mary Smolczyk (right end of banner).

Friday, October 7—Candle Light Rosary:
Candle Light Rosary
Laura Piquette lead over two dozen parishioners in a procession inside the church while praying the rosary to mark the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Friday, October 7—Bible Study:
Art and Connie Ondrejka
The Fall Bible Lecture Program presented by Art and Connie Ondrejka began on Friday, September 30, for six sessions in the Parish Hall. The program traced Mary’s life through the Gospels, doctrines of the Church, and the writings of the mystics. At the October 7 session pictured here, over two dozen attended.

Saturday, October 1—Splitting Wood:Splitting wood
About a dozen parishioners and young men met to split and stack firewood as a part of the heating project of Custer County Catholic Charities.

September 25—Fr. Vicente Baptized Alexandra Lucille Piquette: Piquetter baptism
Parents Jeff Stephen Piquette and Vicki Lucille Vincent presented Alexandra for the Sacrament of Baptism with proxy god-parents Paul Piquette and Rita Piquette. For additional photos, click here.

September 25—Fr. Vicente Blessed the 2011-2 Catechists:Faith Formation Catechists
The Faith Formation teachers for this year are (left to right): Ginger Koudsi – 7th and 8th Grade, Joan Kohler - Confirmation, Karen Gourley – First Communion, Phyllis Dearborn – 4th, 5th and 6th Grade, and Rita Piquette – Preschool (not present).

August 28—Rev. Msgr. Frederick J. Florik:
Fr. Florik

Rev. Msgr. Florik spoke at Mass about a ministry providing direct relief to the poor throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Msgr. Florek shared what he has witnessed  about Food For The Poor's mission to care for the destitute as a means of living out the Gospel mandate to love one another.  Msgr. Florek was ordained for the Diocese of San Diego in 1964.  Before joining Food For the Poor he also served as Pastor in many parishes.  Msgr. Fred was the founding pastor of St. Elizabeth.

August 7—World Youth Day Blessing by Fr. Vicente:
World Youth Day blessing
The pilgrims from our parish receiving a blessing from Fr. Vicente before they leave for World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain.

Fr. Johnathan FasseroJuly 5—Visiting Priest, Father Johnathan Fassero, O.S.B.
Our parish was blessed to have Father Johnathan Fassero, O.S.B. with us while Fr. Vicente took his annual vacation in the month of July. Fr. Johnathan is a monk of Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Seminary and School of Theology in St. Meinrad, Indiana, 65 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky. While serving our parish (including Tuesday morning Mass) and St. Benedict’s, Fr. Johnathan resided in Florence in Fr. Vicente’s home.
   Thank you, Father Jonathan!

July 8—Funeral Mass for Gerry Dearborn: Gerry was called by the Lord on Saturday, July 2. He was a valued parishioner and good friend to many, both in the parish and in the Westcliffe community. Thomas Flynn eulogy
Giving eulogies before the Mass were grandson, Thomas Flynn (above), and son-in-law, Tom Flynn (below).
Tom Flynn eulogy
Dearborn choir
Many former and present choir members came together for Gerry's Mass.
First Reading by Art Ondrejka
First reading was proclaimed by Art Ondrejka (above) and the second reading by Doug Bayer (below).
Second Reading by Doug Bayer
Gospel Reading by Deacon Mike Patterson
The Gospel reading was proclaimed by Deacon Mike Patterson while being assisted by acolytes Michael Franta (facing camera) and Kevin O'Connor.
Honor Guard
The Custer County Sheriff's Department and the Custer County Search & Rescue color guards gave Gerry's wife, Phyllis, American flags to honor Gerry's service in those organizations.

May 8—Visiting Priest: Fr. Vicente was out of town on Sunday, May 8, and we had a visiting priest, Fr. John Kauffman, here from Canon City.
Fr. John Coffman

May 8—Mother's Day Gifts: Fr. Kauffman distributes Mother's Day seed packets provided by Fr. Vicente to the mothers of the parish after Mass on May 8.
Mother's Day gifts 1
Mother's Day gifts 2
Mother's Day gifts 3
Mother's Day gifts 4
Mother's Day gifts 5
Mother's Day gifts 6
Mother's Day gifts 7

May 8—Mother’s Day Breakfast:
Mother's Day breakfast cooks & servers
The breakfast was held after Mass in the Parish Hall. All of the cooking is traditionally done by the men of our parish to honor the ladies of the parish. Thanks to Terry Napolitan and the crew he put together to make this a special day.

May 1—Second Sunday, May Crowning: 
Crowning of Mary
Crowning of Mary 2
Grace Schultz, Boden Wilson, and Reese Piquette present the May Crown for blessing by Fr. Vicente.

April 23—Easter Vigil: Fr. Papesh and Deacon Patterson celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass.
Blessing of the Fire
Fr. Papesh blesses the new fire and lights the Paschal Candle held by Deacon Mike, as acolyte Michael Franta holds the Sacramentary.
Procession Easter Vigil
Deacon Mike leads the procession into the nave as Shantell Lemons lights parishioner's candles.
Fr. Papesh proclaims the Exsultet after having incensed the Paschal Candle.
Mary Lou Giacomelli, First Reader & Sandy Dunlap, Second Reader
First Reading by Mary Lou Giacomelli, Second Reading by Sandy Dunlap. (subdued lighting)
Responsorial Psalm by the Choir
The choir singing the Responsorial Psalm. (subdued lighting)
Key Gurtez, Third Reader & Patrich O'Connor, Fourth Reader
Third Reading by Ken Goertz (very subdued lighting), Fourth Reading by Patrick O'Connor.
Gospel Easter Vigil
Deacon Mike proclaiming the Gospel while being assisted by acolytes Sam Dunlap (partially hidden holding censer), Shantell Lemons, and Michael Franta.
Easter Vigil Homily by Fr. Papish
Homily by Fr. Papesh.
Pouring of Water, Easter Vigil
During the Litany of the Saints, the water-jar bearers come to the Baptismal font and fill it.
Blessing of the Water, Easter Vigil During the Blessing of the Water by Fr. Papesh, Deacon Mike immerses the Paschal Candle in the water of the Baptismal Font three times.

April 22—Good Friday: Fr. Papesh and Deacon Patterson celebrated the Mass of the Lord's Passion.
First Reader Sandy Dunlap & Second Reader Patrick O'Connor
First Reading by Sandy Dunlap, Second Reading by Patrick O'Connor.
Choir for Good Friday
The choir singing the Responsorial Psalm.
Fr. Papish proclaiming the Passion
Fr. Papesh proclaiming the Passion Gospel.
Deacon Mike & Patti Schultz proclaiming the Passion Gospel
Deacon Mike and Patti Schultz proclaiming the Passion Gospel.
Undrapping of the cross
Braden Wilson and Patrick Mortenson undrap the Cross while Fr. Papesh chants This is the Wood of the Cross on which hung the Savior of the World.
Veneration of the Cross
The cross is being held in place by Deacon Mike at the sanctuary steps for the parishioners to come forward for the Veneration of the Cross.

April 21—Holy Thursday: Fr. Michael Papesh and Deacon Mike Patterson celebrated the Mass of the Lord's Supper. Holy Thursday is the day that Catholics commemorate the institution of three pillars of the Catholic Faith: the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the priesthood, and the Mass. During the Last Supper, Christ blessed the bread and wine with the very words that Catholic priests use today to consecrate the Body and Blood of Christ during the Mass and the Divine Liturgy. In telling His disciples to "Do this in remembrance of Me," He instituted the Mass and made them the first priests.
Incesing the Altar
Fr. Papesh incensing the altar at the beginning of the liturgy.
First & Second Readings
First Reading by Art Ondrejka, Second Reading by Ken Goertz.
Gospel Reading & Homily
Gospel Reading by Deacon Mike, Homily by Fr. Papesh.
Washing of the FeetFr. Papesh washing the feed of Brenda Wilson, Braden Wilson, Patrick Mortenson, Carly Dunlap, Sarah Koudsi, Shantell Lemons, Natalie Wray, Henry Watson, Kevin O’Connor, and Brian O’Connor.
Holy Oils
Presentation of the Oils—The Oil of the Sick by Debbie Bayer, The Oil of Catechumens by Lenora D'Angelo, and the Sacred Chrism by Joe D'Angelo.
Holy Thursday Choir
Procession LEMs
Procession: Eucharistic Ministers Roger Squire, Mary Lou Giacomelli, and Joan Kohler.
Procession Deacon Mike
Procession: Acolytes Emma Senderhauf and Shantell Lemons with Deacon Mike.
Stripping the Altar
Stripping of the Altar by those who had their feet washed.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Parish Hall.

April 17—Palm Sunday: Fr. Vicente began the service with the Blessing of the Palms in the Parish Hall and the Procession to the church for the celebration of the Mass with Deacon Mike.
Blessing of the Palms
Processing Palm Sunday
Processing of the Choir on Palm Sunday
Incensing the Altar Palm Sunday

April 15—Living Stations of the Cross: Joan Kohler directed the parish youth in performing the Living Stations in the church nave. To see the video, all of the photos and/or to order prints, click here.
Living Stations 2011

April 9—Mexican Fiesta Dinner: The final fund raiser for World Youth Day was held in the Parish Hall.
Mexican Fiesta Dinner - 1
Mexican Fiesta Dinner - 3 Mexican Fiesta Dinner - 5

February 28—Financial Peace University: This was the last class, and we have wonderful results: total class debt (not including home) at the beginning of class was $92,700. Total amount put into savings during the 13-week class was $12,345 and total debt paid off during the 13-week class was $33,538. That's 36% of their debt gone.
Financial Peace University class
Class members were Joe & Carol Franta, Sandy & Carly (holding Saved sign) Dunlap, Doug & Veronica Burgdorff, Kathleen Schultz (holding Paid Off sign),Christina Wilson, & Joan & Richard Kohler.

February 27—Deacon Mike Patterson Celebrates the Sunday Service in the
   Absence of a Priest

Deacon Mike Patterson

February 13—Benefit Event for Doug Bayer: There was an overwhelming response at the benefit dinner on Sunday, February 13. At least 300 people attended throughout the day. Over $12,000 was raised! Barbara Napolitan provided the following photos featuring many Assumption parishioners. She took many more and has made them available online on her Facebook wall at: <>. You don't have to be registered on Facebook to view the photos. Use your browser's Back button to return here.
Fr. Vicente & Debbie Senderhauf
Joe Franta Family
miscellaneious 2
Bayer benefit overview

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