Vigil Prayer Service at Assumption Parish

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Prayer Service, February 4—
On Saturday afternoon, the day after Father Vicente's heart attack, the Assumption Parish held a prayer service for him. Here is the wonderful selection of songs and readings, in order, with links (use your browser's “Back” button to return to this page):

February 9—
Prayer services for Father Vicente were held concurrently at the Assumption Parish and the St. Benedict's Parish on Thursday, February 9, 2012. At the Assumption service, Deacon Mike Paterson was the presider and Michael Franta was the acolyte. The readings from the Mass of Christian Burial celebrated the following morning were used at this service also.
Prayer Service 1First Reading, Doug Bayer
 The First Reading was proclaimed by Doug Bayer.
OLA Choir
The Responsorial Psalm was sung by the choir.
Second Reading Patti SchultzPa
 Patti Schultz proclaimed the Second Reading.
Gospel Reading Mike Patterson
 Deacon Mike Patterson proclaimed the Gospel.
Homily Mike Patterson
 Deacon Mike Patterson delivered a Homily honoring Fr. Vicente.
Recessional Hymn at Assumption Church


Mass of Christian Burial

February 10
A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Pueblo on Friday morning, February 10, 2012, with Most Reverend Fernando Isern and the clergy of the Diocese of Pueblo as the celebrants, and Deacon Michael Patterson assisting.
Entrance procession
 Entrance procession of the diocese clergy with Knights of Columbus honor guard saluting.
Entrance blessing
 Bishop Isern blesses Father Vicente's coffin before it is brought to the foot of the altar. His sister and
 brother-in-law, Leonie and Roger Randall, are visible over Bishop Isern's left shoulder, while his niece,
 Madeline Randall wearing the hat, is visible over his right shoulder.
Introductory rites
 The entrance hymn, For All the Saints, is sung as Father Vicente's coffin is placed at the foot of the altar.
Introductory rites 2 Bishop Isern proclaims the Penitential Rite.
First Reading by Snell
 The first reading, Gn 12:1–9, is proclaimed by Bertha Snell.
Responsorial psalm
 The Responsorial Psalm #118 is cantored by Terry Cook.
Second Reading by Whalen
 The Second Reading, Rev. 22:1–5, is proclaimed by Dianne Whalen.
Gospel Reading by Deacon Patterson
 The Gospel, Jn 20:11-17, is proclaimed by Deacon Michael Patterson.
Gospel Reading 2 by Deacon Patterson
Homily by Bishop Isern
 Bishop Isern speaks his homily to the congregation.
Homily 2 by Bishop Isern
Prayers of the Faithful, Deacon Mike
 Deacon Patterson announces the Prayers of the Faithful.
Eucharistic Prayers 1
 Bishop Isern begins the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
Eucharistic Prayers Choir 1
 During the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the choir performed Now the Green Blade Rises.
Eucharistic Prayers Choir 2
Eucharistic Prayers Acolytes
 Assumption Parish acolytes, left to right, Sam Dunlap, Brian O'Connor, and Michael Franta.
Prayers over gifts
 Bishop Isern recites the Prayers Over the Gifts.
Eucharistic Prayers Host
Eucharistic Prayers Wine
Eucharistic Prayers 2
audience attendees parishioners
 Father Vicente's impact on many lives is attested to by the standing-room-only attendance.
Altar during Eucharistic Prayers
Communion Rite
 Bishop Isern proclaims the Communion Rite.
Incensing coffin 1
 Bishop Isern incenses Father Vicente's coffin.
Incensening coffin 2
Concluding Rite Bishop Isern
 Bishop Isern performs the Concluding Rite.
Bautista Cemetery Sign
 Father Vicente chose the San Juan Bautista Cemetery for his interment.
Bautista Cemetery coffin 1
 The pallbearers bring the coffin to the burial site as the Knights of Columbus form an honor guard.
Bautista Cemetery coffin 2
Pallbearers from the Assumption Parish were Bill Tschumper, Mike Whalen, and Terry Napolitan.
Bautista Cemetery parishioners
Bautista Cemetery parishioners 2
Bautista Cemetery Bishop Isern
 Bishop Isern offers the Final Blessing.
San Juan Bautista Cemetery map
The San Juan Bautista Cemetery is located south of Florence, on Victory Lane (County Road 19).
Directions: going south of Florence on Hwy. 67 about 0.3 of a mile after crossing the railroad tracks, at the first left turn, turn east (left) onto Victory Lane/County Road 19, go approximately 0.4 of a mile, cemetery will be on the right. If approaching from the south via Wetmore, the street and cemetery signs are facing away from you. Victory Lane is immediately past the Bear Paw Road entrance into the Sumo Golf Village.
   Once along side the cemetery, drive around to the entrance on the east side. Fr. Vicente's grave is about 30' inside the entrance on the left—see photos below. A note of caution: the soil around his grave is very soft which can be either dusty or muddy, so boots are recommended unless you stay on the entrance path.
Entrance into San Juay Bautista Cemetery
Gravesite June 24, 2012
gravesite 2
Respecting Fr. Vicente's Wishes: Fr. Vicente did not want a permanent grave stone, only a simple white cross matching many of the others in the cemetery to mark his grave, as seen in the two photos above taken on June 23, 2012. As you may or may not remember Father Vicente spoke to us regarding death planning — he lead by example. He planned every aspect of his funeral and burial. He did not want his grave revered and felt very strongly about the fact he wanted to be buried amongst the poor and be like them in death, too. With love and good intentions individuals have decorated his grave. Father's sister, Leonie, has been consulted and requested all the decorations be removed and that the grave remain as simple as possible in keeping with Father’s wishes.

A memorial video of photos and video clips has been produced to capture Fr. Vicente's interaction with his parishioners and his voice while reading a biblical passage, singing the Mass of Creation, and speaking a homily. To view the video, visit this copy on at:


Thank you From Fr. Vicenteís Family: We would like to say thank you for all the prayers, Masses, cards, and condolences that we have received after the death of Vincent. Above all, the love and affection from everyone has been overwhelming, and we will never forget the people of Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Benedictís.
    With our love, Leonie, Roger and Madeline

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