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December 24 and 25, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses:
Christmas choirTho
The Assumption choir, lead by Christina Wilson, sang at both Masses for the Nativity of the Lord, including a prelude to the Christmas Eve Mass. For additional photos, click here.

December 2, Blessing of the Advent Wreath:
Fr. Nick blesses the Advent wreath while being assisted by Deacon Mike and acolyte Sam Dunlap.Advent wreath blessing

Novemeber 11, Veteran's Day Blessing:
Carol Kennedy and Bob Dreher were the VFW representatives for the parish blessing with Carol delivering a moving speech of the great meaning of our veteran's sacrifices to preserve our nation's freedom.
Veteran's Day Blessing 1
Veteran's Day Blessing 2
Veteran's Day Blessing 3

Novemeber 9, Bible Study Program Concludes After 27-Years:
Art Ondrejka was presented with a book, In the Footsteps of Jesus, on the Holy Land that Jesus walked during his life on earth. And Connie Ondrejka, seated on the right in the photograph, was thanked for all her efforts in providing wonderful snacks and lunches at the sessions. Both will be missed by those who loved attending the insightful sessions during the last seven years here at OLA.
Art Ondrejka

October 28, Fr. Nick and Christina Wilson's Birthday Reception:Fr. Nic & Christina Wilson
Fr. Nic and Christina Wilson

October 28, Richard and Virginia Hrpcha's 50th Marriage Anniversary Blessing:
Richard & Virginia Hrpcha 50th wedding anniversary blessing

October 12, Candle Light Rosary Procession: About 18 parishioners participated in the rosary procession and the benediction celebrated by Deacon Mike. Three OLA choir members led the singing.
Candle Light Rosary Procession

September 16, Catechetical Sunday: Fr. Nick blessed the catechists for the school year. From left to right, Sarah and Ginger Koudsi, Joan Kohler, Connie and Art Ondrejka, Fr. Nick, and Deacon Mike.

August 14, Parish Feast Day: We celebrated our parish Feast Day (Feast of the Assumption, August 15) on August 14 with the Vigil Mass at 5:30 p.m. followed by refreshments in the Parish Hall.
Parish Feast Day Buffet
Parish Feast Day Cake

July 8, Fr. Jonathan Fassero: visiting priest while Fr. Nick is on vacation during the month of July. Father Jonathan is a monk of Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Seminary and School of Theology in St. Meinrad, Indiana. He is a faculty member and frequent retreat master. For additional photos, click here.
Fr. Jonathan Fassero

June 17, Father’s Day Blessing: Fr. Nick gave a special blessing to the fathers attending Mass.
Father's Day 1
Father's Day 2012

June 3, Sacrament of Confirmation: Bishop Isern was the presider at the Mass where 25 candidates from the three parishes of Our Lady of the Assumption, St. Benedict's, and St. Michael were confirmed.
   To view many more photos, click here.
Confirmation group

May 27, Blessing of the Pentecost Stained Glass Window: Fr. Nick blessed the Pentecost window at the end of Mass. The beautiful stained glass circular window for the church nave was designed, created, and installed by parishioner Doug Bayer in time for celebration of Pentecost. For more photos, click here.
Pentecost window blessing

May 27, Blessing of the Graduates & Presentation of Scholarships: The Altar and Rosary Society awarded Natalie and Patrick, graduating seniors from Custer County High School, $500 scholarships for help with their future education at Mass on May 27. They were blessed by Fr. Nick during the Mass and at the end, Anne Luman, A&R president, presented the awards.
Graduate blessing
Graduate scholarships

May 13, Mother’s Day Blessing & Breakfast: Fr. Nick blessed the mothers of the parish at the end of the 11:00 a.m. Mass. For more photos, click here.
Mother's Day Blessing

May 6, Sacrament of Holy Communion & May Crowning: at the 11:00 a.m. Mass, we had five children receiving their first communion: Brooke Flynn, Alexandria and Max Ley, Grace Schultz and Boden Wilson. They also participated in the May Crowning ceremony. The Knights of Columbus from St. Benedict's Parish lead the processions and gave gifts to those receiving their first communion. Click here for additional photos and instructions on how to order prints.
first communion

April 7, Easter Vigil Mass— Father Papesh and Deacon Patterson celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass.
Blessing of the Fire, Easter Vigil
Father Papesh blesses the new fire asisted by Deacon Mike and acolytes Jess Franta, (holding the small candle), Shantell Lemons, and Sam Dunlap (holding the censor).
procession Easter Vigil
Deacon Mike leading Father Papesh in the procession as acolyte Jess Franta lights parishioner's candles.
exsultet Vigil Mass
Father Papesh proclaiming the Exsultet.
First and Second Reading, Vigil Mass
First Reading by Mary Lou Giacomelli, Second Reading by Sandy Dunlap. (subdued lighting)
choir Vigil Mass
The choir singing the Responsorial Psalm. (subdued lighting)
Third & Fourth Reading, Vigil Mass
Third Reading by Art Ondrejka (very subdued lighting), Epistle Reading by Rich Hrpcha.
Pspalm cantor Carly Dunlap
Carly Dunlap cantoring the Alleluia and Psalm 118.
gospel Vigil Mass, Jess Franta
Deacon Mike proclaiming the Gospel while being assisted by acolytes Sam Dunlap (holding censer), Jess Franta, and Shantell Lemons.
homily Vigil Mass
Father Papesh speaking the Homily.
Water bears, blessing the water, Vigil Mass
During the singing of the Litany of the Saints, the water-jar bearers come to the Baptismal font and fill it.
Litany of the Saints, Vigil Mass
Brenda and Christina Wilson singing the Litany of the Saints.
Water Blessing, Vigil Mass
During the Blessing of the Water by Father Papesh, the whole assembly joined in invoking the Holy Spirit over the waters of the font.

April 6, Good Friday— 
Good Friday entrance
Father Michael Papesh and Deacon Mike Patterson enter the Good Friday service of the Celebration of the Lord's Passion in silence.
Good Friday readers Veronica Garcia & Roger Squire
Good Friday readers Veronica Garcia and Roger Squire proclaiming the First and Second Readings.
Good Friday choir
The choir sings the Responsorial Psalm.
Good Friday Passion reading
The Passion Gospel is proclaimed by Father Papesh, Deacon Mike, and Sandy Dunlap (inset).
Good Friday intersessions
During the Intercessions, Deacon Mike recites the invocations, while Father Papesh sings the collect prayers.
Good Friday undrapping the crucifix
The crucifix is undraped by Patrick Mortenson and Brian O'Connor while Father Papesh chants This is the Wood of the Cross on which hung the Savior of the World.
Good Friday veneration of the cross
The cross is being held in place by Deacon Mike and acolytes Brian O'Connor and Sam Dunlap at the sanctuary steps for the parishioners to come forward for the Veneration of the Cross.

April 5, Holy Thursday— Fr. Michael Papesh and Deacon Mike Patterson celebrated the Mass of the Lord's Supper. Holy Thursday is the day that Catholics commemorate the institution of three pillars of the Catholic Faith: the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the priesthood, and the Mass. During the Last Supper, Christ blessed the bread and wine with the very words that Catholic priests use today to consecrate the Body and Blood of Christ during the Mass and the Divine Liturgy. In telling His disciples to "Do this in remembrance of Me," He instituted the Mass and made them the first priests.
Procession1Acolytes Halie Lemons, Brian O'Connor and Sam Dunlap lead the Entrance Procession.
Deacon Mike Patterson carrying the Book of Gospels proceeds Father Michael Papesh in the Entrance Procession for the Holy Thursday Mass.
Readers Art and Dianne Whalen
First Reading by Art Ondrejka and Second Reading by Dianne Whalen.
Incensing the Book of Gospels
Deacon Mike incenses the Book of Gospels before proclaiming the gospel reading.
Deacon Mike Patterson gospel reading
Homily Holy Thursday
Father Michael Papesh delivers his homily on the meaning of the act of washing the feet.
washing of the feet Tschumper
washing feet of Patti Schultz
washing of the feet Gill
Oil of the Sick
Terry Napolitan brings the Oil of the Sick to Father Papesh to bless.
Oil of Catechumens
Barbara Napolitan brings the Oil of Catechumens to Father Papesh to bless.
Oil of Chrism
Michael Franta brings the Oil of Chrism to Father Papesh to bless.
recessional Holy Thursday
At the conclusion of the Veneration of the Blessed Sacrament, the acolytes lead Deacon Mike carrying the Sacred Species in procession to the Altar of Repose in the Parish Center.
Stripping of the Altar
Father Papesh invited the people who had their feet washed forward to strip the altar.
Altar of Repose
The Altar of Repose in the Parish Center.

April 1, Palm Sunday— 
Blessing the Palms 1
Blessing of the Palms 2
Blessing of the Palms 3
Blessing of the Palms 4
Father Nick prepares incense during the blessing of the palms in the Parish Center. The Palm Sunday acolytes were, left to right, Michael Franta, Sam Dunlap, Jess Franta, and Grace Flynn.
Procession 1
The acolytes lead the procession from the Parish Center to the church for Palm Sunday Mass.
Procession 2
Procession 3
Readers Ken Goertz and Karen Gourley
The First and Second Readings are proclaimed by Ken Goertz and Karen Gourley.
Palm Sunday choir
Palm Sunday gospel readers
The Palm Sunday Passion Gospel was proclaimed by Richard Hrpcha (narrator), Sandy Dunlap (voice), and Father Nick (Christ).

February 22, Ash Wednesday—
Ash Wednesday 2012
Fr. Nick celebrated his first Mass as our pastor at the Assumption Parish following Fr. Vicente's passing.
For additional photos of this Mass, click here.

February 26, Sacrament of Baptism— 
Tompkins baptism 2012
Gabriel Tompkins was baptized by Father Nicodemus during the Mass. For additional photos, click here.

February 9 and 10, Memorial Services for Fr. Vicente—
Prayer services for Father Vicente were held concurrently at both the Assumption Parish and the St. Benedicts Parish on Thursday, February 9. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Pueblo on Friday, February 10. In the photo below, Bishop Isern is incensing Father Vicente's coffin. Many more photos of these events are available by click here.
Fr. Vicente Memorial Mass

February 7, the Passing of Father Vicente—
On Father Vicente's 71st birthday, Friday, February 3, 2012, he suffered a severe heart attack that lead to his passing on Tuesday, February 7. His positive impact on his fashioners was very deep so he will be profoundly missed by them.
Memorial Father Vicente

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