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First Holy Communion & May Crowning
May 6, 2012

Photo Credits — Ed Stewart

May 6, First Holy Communion & May Crowning: at the 11:00 a.m. Mass, five children received their First Communion: Brooke Flynn, Alexandria and Max Ley, Grace Schultz, and Boden Wilson. They also participated in the May Crowning ceremony.
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entrance procession
The Knights of Columbus from St. Benedict's Parish lead the procession at the beginning of Mass.
entrance procession 2
May Crowning 1
From left to right: Alexandria Ley, Brooke Flynn, Grace Schultz, Boden Wilson, and Max Ley listen to
Father Nicodemus' blessing of the crown.
May Crowning 2
May Crowning 3
May Crownig 4
First & Second Readings
Boden Wilson and Brooke Flynn proclaiming the First and Second Readings.
Presentations of the Gifts
Alexandria Ley, Grace Schultz, and Max Ley bringing the Eucharistic Gifts to Father Nicodemus.
communion 1
Grace Schultz receiving the Holy Eucharist.
communion 2
Max Ley receiving the Holy Eucharist.
communion 3
communion 4
Brooke Flynn receiving the Holy Eucharist.
communion 5
Boden Wilson receiving the Holy Eucharist.
communion 6
Alexandria Ley receiving the Holy Eucharist.
communion 7
communion 8
communion 9
K of C gifts
The Knights of Columbus presented gifts to those receiving their First Communion at the end of Mass.
cake at reception
The cake served at the reception after Mass.

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